Retired With Nothing but Time

Bathtub Custom Retired Seniors Shower Sistine Stone Tile Walls

After working for nearly 60 years, Mike a retired cobbler found himself in a home he and Mary have owned for over 50 years that needed a much-deserved renovation. Don't get me wrong, it was a cute, well-kept home, and freshly painted, but very outdated.  Mike was not just any cobbler, he made hand-crafted shoes, boots and bags for very special clients, a true artisan with a great eye for style... 

While looking to remodel the master bathroom and exploring the options from building a shower from the ground up to a fiberglass shower stall; they decided that a shower kit was the right way to go for them, and they both agreed that they wanted to add their special touch.

This was the result      

Armed with more time than money, a Sistine Stone Alcove Shower Kit from American Bath Factory, in a pattern they created, a short stack of travertine tile, and a very small tile saw, Mike set out to create the shower that he and Mary had dreamed about for years. Nearly 1,000 pieces later and 3 weekends of very detailed work they ended up with a true piece of art that will be in the home for another 50 years.














Mike says, "if I can do it, anyone can do it" It just takes a dream, a little patience and some sweat equity.


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