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30 years and over a million customers later, here are some photos and reviews of products that the owner's are proud of and love. 


“Ordered the Shower Package and this is an exceptional Product. It takes some skill and time to install but is well worth the time and money. It looks great and is exceptional quality.” - Overall Rating:,  Shower: Sonoma Package,  FreeMan2013    


"This product makes perfect sense whether you do it yourself or have a handy guy do it for you. My 1901 house now sports the shower amenities of modern houses without compromising the elegance of the era. A great product!" -  Overall Rating, Shower, Victorianna1    


“I was a skeptic, I am new to this internet stuff  and was unsure of the process, a 78 year old natural born synic and live in a small town without a Lowe's or Home Depot so I was looking for options. I bit he bullet after talking with a customer service girl at the bath factory and am so glad I did, not only am I no longer afraid of the internet, I have a wonderful shower that I would reccomend to anyone, I also saved hundreds of dollars buying from the factory and did not have to pay sales tax or delivery.” - Overall Rating, Shower: Laguna, -MGreg  


 Very pleased with your product. We have a very small bathroom and the shower unit has brought it to a very smart, up to date look. - Overall Rating, Shower, Barbara D 


"Just finished installing my shower. It's beautiful. I'm a novice at DIY projects but this was fairly easy to do. I had to tear out my old tub and luckily the framing that was left was square. The new shower pan fit right in the 60" space. I did most of the work by myself but I would suggest a helper as some of the parts (pan and doors) are heavy and pretty awkward to handle alone.Most of the instructions are easy to understand and if you read and re-read you'll get it right. I was confused as to what to do with the mounting blocks on the doors but finally figured it out.I purchased the plumbing upgrade and used sharkbite fittings. It sure made the plumbing easy.My suggestion on this project is measure and re-measure.I've had friends look at my work and they all think the walls are real stone that I placed piece by piece.I'm going to remodel the basement bathroom and plan to purchase another shower system for that room too" - Overall Rating,  Shower, Package KS101  


"We remodeled our bathroom in our 1907 house. I found the shower kit online. My builder was skeptical about ordering this - he only installed traditional systems. I went ahead and ordered it anyway. I believe he became a convert. It was relatively easy to install. I say relatively because of course this house doesn't have a single square or level spot anywhere, but, after some adjustments it was installed and looks and works great." - Overall Rating, Shower Kit Package,  -Poveoldstulff  


"I like our tub transformed into a large shower. The hardware and frameless glass are top of the line. The install couldn't have been easier." - Overall Rating, Shower: Package, -Rcorp 


"The hardware and frameless glass are top of the line. The install couldn't have been easier."  - Overall Rating, Shower: Package, -Donho  


"We purchased a tile ready shower pan. It made the entire installation much easier, saved time and money, and the results are beautiful." -  Overall Rating, Ready To Tile Pan, - Kathy G 


"When I saw this shower in Lowes I knew that I had to have it. It is beautiful, durable & easy to clean. I am so glad we purchased this." - Overall Rating, Shower: Package, -Gram  


“We had a contractor install this unit, however, anyone with good carpentry skills could easily install the shower unit. I would highly recommend that when you read the specifications on dimensions that you pay particular attention to the finished panel height. The finished dimension to the top of the top to the floor is just over 83" and not the 86" in the specifications. The 86" refers, I believe to the door trim blocks only. This means that if you install the cement backer board, you will have to finish the upper 2". The optional trim kit is only 3/4" high so this will not work. Also, the 12"X12" tiles on the panels are not uniform in thickness. There are some significant differences from panel edge to panel edge which means a significant grout line. Overall I am very impressed with the looks and ease of installation and would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a ceramic-look for a shower.”  -  Overall Rating, Shower: Package, - Handyman


" After lots of research, I decided on this model. The base and glass doors are excellent. The side panels didn't save as much time as expected. The finished product turned out very nice. You need time and space to unpack and there is lots of shipping waste to get rid of. Not a problem, but nice to be aware of. I purchased extra java tiles at Lowes to finish the wall to the ceiling. Came out very nice. Because I was doing entire bathroom, I purchased shower faucet separately so it would match rest of fixtures. As the instructions say, make sure wall prep is done right and that it is square, plum, and level."  - Overall Rating, Shower: Package, -Happyhandy   


"The shower came as described, no complaints. The only thing that slowed me down on install was making my bathroom walls plumb (way house was built). I dare you to find a plumb wall in your whole house. I did need help with the glass (it was heavy), but I prefer that over flimsy thin glass in other showers. A Lowes employee pointed out if you bought just the glass separately, it would cost more than the whole shower. I was sold! It has held up well and would buy again."  - Overall Rating, Shower: Package, -CL Handyman


"Love my new shower.  It looks so beautiful.  I would recommend this to everyone that is remodeling their bathroom." - Overall Rating, Shower: Package, -Judy D 


"This faucet is designed for a claw foot tub, however we had a homeowner select it for a regular soaking tub. It turned out really nice. It is a great quality faucet and looks beautiful. " - Overall Rating, Faucet: Deck Mount - 90, -shackleford 


"This fixture is very nice in looks and its performance is outstanding" - Overall Rating, Faucet: Deck Mount - 90, -Geoff


"Pretty easy to install if you read the directions. Beautiful faucet and fully functional. Our guests love it too." - Overall Rating, Faucet: Deck Mount - 90, -Poncho 


"A great addition to the Jester tub. The antique look compliments the entire setup."  -  Overall Rating, Faucet: Deck Mount - 90, -DPx2 


"This faucet was recently installed on my new Jacuzzi tub. It looks extremely attractive and is very functional. The overall look is stunning. I highly recommend this faucet. The only trouble we had was finding a copper fitting to attach the faucet to the copper pipes. We did locate some and everything else went very well." -  Overall Rating, Faucet: Deck Mount - 90, -JennyinWV  


"Love my new faucet, it looks great with my Slipper Tub in my newly remodeled Master Bath!"  - Overall Rating, Faucet: Floor Mount, Freestanding - 90, -Curleegirl   


"I read a lot of bad reviews on the producy about the install but I had no problem being a do it yourself person. i am an IT guy, not a plumber. The instuctions were horible but look at the photo and you can figure it out. I have had it for a year now with no issue with leaks or the finish" - Overall Rating, Faucet: Floor Mount, Freestanding - 90, -MrDOItyourself 


"We are delighted with our bath faucet. Works well, nice pressure, looks great. We felt the price was good." -Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall mount F200, -Smartshopper


"Beautiful installed. Works perfectly. I can't speak to the ease of installation as it was installed by my contractor, but I heard no complaints in that regard." - Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall mount F200, -SEMO


"This faucet set was just what I was looking for... perfect fit for old cast iron hole spacing, high spout, great shower head, very long flexible hose, silk smooth washerless valves and perfect finish. A little water collects at a few flat locations resulting in minor white deposits but these are easily cleaned." -  Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall mount F200, -howie


"We found an old tub 4-1/2 ft that was stamp dated in the early 1930. After having it restored, I discovered that the plumbing fixtures needed were very unique. After skimming the web to find the required plumbing, I also found just the look that I wanted. I was very concerned about the quality since I was not able to actually touch it prior to purchasing... and I was under a major time crunch. The boxes came in with all the pieces carefully wrapped. Even my plumber got excited. This is a work of art! The handsprayer is absolutely a must. Great for both a gentle bathing spray... or when cleaning the tub. Worth every dime!!!!" -Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall mount F200, -TubQueen  


"This looks great in our freestanding tub. The handles turn easy. The finish looks great 3 months later." -  Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall mount F200, -LoriLee on 


"My product was installed by a licensed plumber. At first we got one wrong part but Vintage Tub & Bath apologized and immediately sent the correct part. My plumber was great and didn't charge for the return trip to install the correct part. I have not had any other problems with the part, it works great and I am very satisfied. I think the price was better than I could have gotten at a parts store."-  Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall mount F200, - Bethie


"I was lucky to have stumbled on to your site, I have recommended you to many friends, family and co-workers. Thanx loads!!! -  Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall Mount 300 series, -Teri  


"I wanted something timeless that wouldn't look dated in 5 years. I also needed something so I could wash my dogs or water plants in the tub if I chose to. This faucet was the perfect solution. And having it mounted on the side of the tub leaved plenty of room for me to hang my feet for the end of the tub if I want. note: the tub in the photo is our original tub that I have reglazed." - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -Teri 


"These taps were received in record time. They are truly beautiful, and will make me feel like an 18th century princess when I use them. Thanks!" - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -Sophie3300


"I am very happy with this faucet. After much research, found this to be the biggest bang for my banks! Good quality and looks great!"  -Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -PetalumaBubbles 


"The Faucets look great with my grandmother's claw foot tub! They did arrive on time and I had no complaints from my plumber about the installation. I did call to order this item and received help that was very beneficial and the customer service rep was polite and kind. Thanks so much!" -Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -Gangy 


"This faucet is very solid and works as advertised."   - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -DennyB


"We have been so pleased with the products from Vintage Tubs including our beautiful tub we ordered the year before! No hassle, no shipping problems, great condition, and good prices. Highly recommend." -  Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -hotmama 


"Great customer service and over the phone help! Item came packaged beautifully and the shipping was fast! I love this faucet set... it makes my clawfoot tub look over the top amazing!" - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -glamgirl  


"This a beautiful and quality product. It is very heavy and we love it. The reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is that the shower spray is very fine and not strong. It barely will rinse the tub. Everything else about this faucet is 5 star!" - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -youngatheart 


"Beautiful and a great price. Didn't come with installation instructions and I had to call Vintage Tub & Bath three times to get the instructions e-mailed to me from American Bath Factory. Hassle was still worth the price." - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -Anon  


"Very happy with your product, just as described, looks great" - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -2qaw3 


"The shelf is recessed into the wall so you can't bang into it while showering and the amount of storage space is fantastic, plus it is easy to clean. A must have in any standing shower." -Overall Rating, Accessories, -capsnapper   

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