American Bath Factory in 1984 made the world’s first acrylic Clawfoot Tub. We build the strongest freestanding bathtubs with our proprietary AcraStone proses. AcraStone has a real porcelain appearance like a vintage clawfoot tub and is heavier than standard acrylic claw foot tubs, its benefits of easy cleaning and heat retention are superior to a cast iron Clawfoot bathtub. If you are shopping for the best and highest quality Claw Tub, ABF has a proven dependability record with over 650,000 Sold.

Easy To Install DIY Showers For a Bathtub to Shower renovation or just a Walk In Shower, American Bath Factory Shower Kits will make the job quick & easy.
Pay Less for a Shower Replacement, if you have a tight budget but want a quality shower, American Bath Factory has over 10,000 shower styles to choose from.

* Shower Enclosures * * Frameless Shower Doors * * Sliding Shower Doors * * Stone Showers * * Marble Showers * * Glass Mosaic Shower Floors * * Neo Showers * *Corner Showers *
When doing a bathroom remodel or bathroom renovation, American Bath Factory products are designed to save time and money with unique DIY features and our Freestanding Bathtubs and Shower Kits.

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