Freedom Collection

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Bathing is an activity we take for granted, until we don't. Most of us would never think a Handicapped Accessible Shower could change someone's life so dramatically, but if you're reading this now, you already know. According to the American Disabilities Report (2016), over 57.5 million Americans are living with a disability and there are 76 million aging baby boomers in the United States that would benefit from accessibility products.

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Designed for people with special needs and exceptional taste.

Have you ever wondered why most accessible shower systems look like they belong in a hospital or nursing home? It is because that is who they were engineered for, they were never intended for residential applications, and definitely not designed to look as great as the function. That all changed when a small group of designers at American Bath Factory sat down and decided that people with disabilities, limited mobility or ability deserved better. The Sistine Stone Freedom Collection was born out of the desire to combine a spa like feel and accessibility.

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