LifeProof Flooring Collection

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This new and exciting look of wood to match the bathroom floor has become very popular. Because the wood does not having grout lines as well the mixed colors and textures make cleaning carefree, the shower never looks dirty allowing you to clean at your convince. LifeProof flooring is 100% waterproof and perfect for the shower application.

American bath factory Stocks three very popular colors Sterling Oak, Burnt Oak and Seasoned Wood, but there are over 159 wood styles and colors to select from. Life Proof is an Exclusive product at Home Depot.

alcove sterling oak easy access wood shower kit collection easy install

Once you make the choice of the Luxury Vinyl plank Flooring you want in your bathroom and shower you will order the flooring for your bathroom and we will order the flooring for the shower, if we have the flooring in stock, we will immediately build your shower. If we do not have the flooring in stock it my take a couple of extra weeks for us to obtain the flooring from Home Depot.

del mar laguna square mosaic glass tile sample swatch natural buff sistine stone shower wall color sample 


Wall Colors

brown sugar sistine stone shower wall color sampleBrown Sugar

desert sand sistine stone shower wall sample colorDesert Sand

wet cement sistine stone shower wall color sampleWet Cement

portland cement sistine stone shower wall color samplePortland Cement

natural buff sistine stone color sampleNatural Buff

Accent Colors

roma mesa square mosaic glass tile sample swatchSeasoned Wood

tuscany mixed mosaic glass tile sample swatchSterling Oak

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