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How the Zpa Operates

          The ZPA uses 50 Gallons of water and 100 Lbs. of therapy salts.

  • Zpa Whirlpool Model, is designed to be a completely relaxing experience. Being fully prostrate induces tension freedom, the therapy salts float your body to create a zero-gravity effect. Your mind and muscles can stop working, even subliminal muscle control can end.
  • 1)  Remove heat cover, Simply untie the pull string and fold and role back the cover. 
  • 2) Enter the bath trouble free with the easy entry ramp design. Just sit and slide into the Zpa.
  • 3) Usually, Zpa owners will start with a Whirlpool massage for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • 4) The desire is to enter REST state, resetting your 5 senses:
  • 5)  Turn off whirlpool for noise control, turn on mood relaxing sound Delta waves between 500 and 900 Hz ( Go to YouTube and find what you like best, we recommend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQkBmCJG9i8 which is a free 3 hour commercial free after beginning commercial blissful sound.
  • 6) Turn on the Mood light to purple color. (Hope you ordered a mood Light)
  • 7) Add essential oils like Lavender and Vanilla, they are natural relaxants with added health benefits. Or light scented candles to override any variable scents in the room.
  • 8) The heat control should be set at 101 degrees Fahrenheit to 105 degrees. This is optimal temperature which allows the mind to stop regulating the body temperature, thus freeing the mind of one more task to do.
  • 9)  Position your body in the center of the ZPA, touching no walls, Therapy Salts float you off the bottom of the bath.
  • 10)  After 30 min to 6 hours of blissful joy, (one hour in the Zpa is equivalent to 4 hours of normal sleep).  Float out of the Zpa. Use the grab railings to slide yourself up the ramp, your feet and legs will drop to the natural position to stand up, just like getting out of bed.
  • 11) Turn on the whirlpool to filter water of body oils. (Will shut off after shower)
  • 12)  Go Take a warm relaxing shower to remove the salts, you will notice how smooth and radiant you skin is, as well the therapy salts have removed inflammation from your joints.
  • 13) turn off Zpa whirlpool and Mood light, take out the easy change filter cloth. (This will be washed with your towels in the washing machine.
  • Put on Zpa heat retention cover.

 1) Zpa Bathtub Only, depending on your desired therapy salt quantity, you can use from 5 to 75 lbs. for a relaxing bath, but you will not float with less than 60 LBS of therapy salt. Your Zpa bathtub will be hooked to a drain and be drained after each use. The Zpa heater will maintain water temperature, but without a cover (can order separately for Bath only model) the Zpa temperature will eventually drop below a desired 104 degrees.   

The Therapy Minerals are the secret of the Zpa, and what gives the zero gravity health benefits.The Zpa with high concentrations of germ killing  mineral is the most sterile place to be in the home, but to clean the surface of the Zpa we recommend Hydrogen peroxide blend of Zpa cleaning spray. 
A woven anti fungus mat has been designed for safety as you enter and leave the Zpa.


Easy Access -

Elderly or Disabled
The Zpa was designed with Easy Access as the focus. The Elderly or Disabled can not get into a normal bathtub, it is impossible to go down to just above ground level and then twist to get into the standing position from inside a bathtub basin. the specially designed Spa is as easy to enter as your easy Chair. the covenant sloping ramp and molded in grab points let you lie back and float into the Zpa. As well, rising to a sitting position and standing up is the same as exiting your lounger at home.

2) walk-in tubs are uncomfortable, you can not stretch out from the sitting position.

3) Gravitational forces are pulling on your spinal column putting pressure on you back from the chair position.

4) Walk-in tubs have large surface areas and are hard to clean

5) Walk-in tubs take a large amount of Water, and you need to be inside as it fills and drains.

6) Walk-in tubs have had many door leaking problems while bathing. 

7) Walk-in Tubs are very expensive and need an experienced professional contractor and plumber to install them. It could be weeks of construction and remodeling to install.

8) Because the Walking tub is installed you can not move and take it with you.

Warm floating any time, set the heater to your preferred setting from room temp to 105 degrees. the 110 15 volt GFI heater plugs into any standard outlet. Low energy consumption heater.

ring and exiting the Zpa, a leg cushion has been installed. are not controllable it the location you wish to install you Zpa.

Controlling the light is important way to enter Sleep. it has been found that croma-light therapy works to speed sleep and calm the mind.

To assist you in entering SRS sleep it is best to have controlled sound to reset your scene of hearing.

The Zpa uses only 50 Gallons of water in 6 to 12 months. The Zpa was designed in the tradition of a Japanese soaking tub , Hot-tub or Spa. the water is not drained after every use, instead people shower or filter the water to enjoy the warm water benefits and easy use advantages. The Zpa is always ready to use, no waiting or fill time. The Zpa is always the perfect temperature. Best is the expensive Therapy mineral stay and can be enjoyed and benefited for an extensive period of time.

Very Very Fast Set-Up & Use
You can be floating in one hour
No plumbers
No Electricians
No Contractors
Just put in place, add water, plug Zpa in
And you are beginning a life of health by Zpa floating

Zpa is very low maintenance, Zpa is an economical way to enjoy health.
The Zpa Detox Mineral have 6 times more salinity than Seawater, your Zpa will be the most germ free location in your home. No microorganism’s fungus, algae or bacteria can live in Zpas detox mineral solution. You will be comforted to know every time you enter the Zpa you enter a sternal environment that will rejuvenate your body. Best of all the mineral solution does not need to be changed for 6 to 12 months depending on use levels and pre-wash habits. The float Spa uses 50 gallons of water and 75 lbs of Zpa detox therapy minerals. After floating Simply wipe down the Zpa and it is ready for your next visit.

Zpa is very low maintenance
Set-up or installation Instructions
The Zpa is designed to be a freestanding appliance without the need for faucets and drain hookups, But it can also be installed like a traditional bathtub with faucet and standard drain hookup.
Fast Set-Up: No Faucet or Plumbing hooked to the Zpa appliance.
Place Zpa in the location you desire, Extra Room, Patio, Exercise Room, Gurage, Balcony, Bathroom, closet or Basement; any location you can think of. When selection a place consider the distance from the shower (You will be showering before and after you go into the Zpa.)
Plug Zpa into standard 110v GFI (Safety ground fault interrupter) outlet. the Zpa come with a 6 foot electrical cord at the non entry side of the Zpa. you will be adjusting the Zpa to your prefered water temperature over the course of use. We recommend you fill the Zpa with hotter Water than you can normally use in your bathtub to start about 100 degrees.
The Zpa comes with 75 lbs of Zpa Therapy Mineral, Open the Bags and pour into the bottom of the Zpa.
With a bucket, fill bucket with hot water from a shower faucet, bathtub faucet or any place you can.

 "Compare Quality"

  1. We are the American Bath Factory Controlling the Quality for 35 years!
  2. Not a Chinese Import, Custom Hand Built, All Products are made to order.
  3. Limited-Lifetime Warranty on ZPA shell, 1 year on Electronics.
  4. Superior Construction, Strongest Built Bathtubs!



Bathtubs made with this proprietary process are the strongest bathtubs in the world. Its high level of impact resistance makes it perfect for daily use. Our process makes for a sturdy tub without excessive flex. 

American Bath Factory Perfecting Bathtubs for 35 years!

Faucets come with Ceramic Cartridges. This is the newest and best technology for faucets. Easy quarter turn operation, micro-smooth technology provides ease of operation and dependability from leaks.

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