Ready 2 Tile MEDICI Marble Shower Kits

Committed to making your job quicker and easier


Install your own personalized custom tile to our Ready 2 Tile shower pan. The surface of each ready to tile pan is made to effectively adhere to any tile. 

 Complete Packages designed to save time and money

Our goal is to provide the highest quality shower pans in the infustry and deliver world-class service. We provide products that solve a problem, products that exceed expectations and products that are priced to meet demanding industry needs.

It is easy for you to see Ready 2 Tile difference and we hope we make your project go a little bit smoother.

If you are looking for a complete shower package, Our Sistine Stone is the right choice. Sistine Stone is a quartz and polymer blen crafted by a team of srtisans to look like travertine, granite or ceramic time and last a lifetime.

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