Corner Shower Hex Mosaic

 The Hex Mosaic shower style is a classic design and comes in Peal or Honey glass color trend. Because of the classic and elegant pattern the style works well with almost any décor.
#1 choice is the Mosaic Pearl Shower design with Natural Buff Sistine Stone. This style can be changes simply by using from any color of grout.
 Shown is the Mosaic Honey shower design with Brown Sugar  Sistine Stone. This style looks best with earth tone grout.
Our corner showers are available with No Glass and offer Glass Enclosures with either a Hinged Door or Sliding Double Doors to really maximize your space.

Wall Colors

Brown Sugar

desert sand sistine stone shower wall sample colorDesert Sand

wet cement sistine stone shower wall color sampleWet Cement

portland cement sistine stone shower wall color samplePortland Cement

natural buff sistine stone color sampleNatural Buff

MOSAIC Accents

del mar laguna square mosaic glass tile sample swatchPearl

newport mixed mosaic glass tile sample swatchHoney

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