Alcove Shower Classic Collection

We created the Classic Collection shower packages with the look of beautiful 1 ft x 2 ft stone tiles and hand set tile. Our goal was to capture a clean, timeless look that was still airy and luxurious.

#1 Choice for the Classic shower design is all Natural Buff. The Natural Buff tone on the walls and accent with our classic style is a perfect introductory to a stone luxury shower.

"The classic all white shower has always been timeless. With the classic style this shower is complementary to any bathrooms decor"

Wall Colors

Brown Sugar

desert sand sistine stone shower wall sample colorDesert Sand

wet cement sistine stone shower wall color sampleWet Cement

portland cement sistine stone shower wall color samplePortland Cement

natural buff sistine stone color sampleNatural Buff

Accent Colors

Espresso Bean

Brown Sugar

Desert Sand



Natural Buff

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