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30 years and over a million customers later, here are some photos and reviews of products that the owner's are proud of and love.  

“Ordered the tub and it went very smooth. All the parts were in the box and it was easy to set up. It is light weight but works great with rubber grippers that don't show.”  -Overall Rating Lowes.comBathtub: Chelsea, - gma 





“Great tub for the money. Fit and finish are very good. This tub really needs to be bolted down though. The advantage to it's light weight is it was easy to put on the second floor. It feels very solid once bolted to the floor. The weakest part of the whole package is the shower curtain ring. It's not as solid as I would have liked but still worth it in the end.”- Overall Rating, Bathtub: Chelsea, -KG  


"This is a very nice tub, high quality and a breeze to install. I would highly recommend this tub to anyone. We really like the acrylic tub, that seems to hold the heat in just fine"-Overall Rating,  Bathtub: Marilyn, - HappyTubber  


"I love my tub, it looks and feels great. the pump is a little loud. the air bubble are very relaxing. I have been waiting 4 months for my replacement remote. When I called today I was told it is NOT covered under warrenty. I placed an order for a new one. I would have ordered a new one 4 months ago if I had known. I think it is odd that the remote is not covered. I hope the new one lasts more than a couple months. I did replace the battery twice on this unit." -Overall Rating,  Bathtub: Marilyn, -justme 


"We haven't installed this products yet. However, it met all my expectations so far! This is really a huge tub." - Overall Rating, Bathtub: Heritage, - Anxious 


"We absolutely love our new clawfoot bathtub.  It looks wonderful in our bathroom remodel.  We love the air jets.  We would highly recommend this product to a friend." -Overall Rating,  Bathtub: Marilyn, -Jeanie 


"I built a lovely summer bathhouse with windows on three sides all placed an elevation low enough to enjoy the view of the fields, forest and mountain while taking a bath. The view is of the Tetons and environs while soaking in the tub is soooooo restful." -  Overall Rating, Bathtub: Princess, -Bathtub Nails  


"This is a beautiful little tub, and since it's acrylic, it was so much lighter and easier to carry into the house and up the stairs, yet it still has the old-fashioned beauty of a clawfoot tub. It fits our space perfectly. We just wish the back angle leaned back a little more for better comfort." -  Overall Rating, Bathtub: Princess, -AJPG 


"We put the American Bath Factory acrylic princess clawfoot tub in a redesigned bathroom of our more than 100-year-old house. Tucked into one corner, it looks exactly as I imagined and has become a classic cornerstone piece for the room. The tub was easy to get up our narrow three-turn stairwell as it is relatively light-weight. I appreciate that the tub is finished on all edges and does not have any rough spots like fiberglass showers do! The installation was easy and the non-skid furniture pads are holding it steady on the floor. The greatest feature is that it really does clean up with just dishwashing soap. We would readily buy another American Bath Factory product as the need arises." - Overall Rating,  Bathtub: Princess, -Polly


"We are absolutely happy with the acrylic tub, faucett, shower rod and accessories we have purchased. They are top quality. We are glad the tub is not cold or heavy like the old caste iron tubs but has the same look. The salesperson that helped us was very patient and informative, we appreciated his assistance. Thank you!" -  Overall Rating, Bathtub: Melinda,   -MjinAK


"Tub just as advertised, nice finish, good hardware, well crated. Price very competitive and with shipping included was an excellent value. We had it professionally installed and the wife loves it. Thanks, Vintage Tub !" -Overall Rating, Bathtub: Beacon Hill, -ArgyleEagle  


Great tub! It was pretty easy to install. Came with everything you need in one package. We have had our tub over two years now. Part of our overall remodel of our home.”  -Overall Rating, Bathtub: Beacon Hill, -CAHomeowner


“Delivered in perfect condition. Installed recently and did not hear of any issues. Definitely makes a statement in the bathroom in a good way of course. Cannot wait to use! Unfortunately bathroom still undergoing renovation.”  - Overall Rating, Bathtub: Becon Hill, -Ann


 “The bath tub looks good so far. We haven't yet installed it. But the quality is good and everything came out just as it was described online” -Overall Rating:, Bathtub: Beacon Hill, -Chad


We have owned the tub for a while now and my wife still loves it. Feels solid and it is easy to clean. We had a shallow old tub that comes in most houses. My wife always wanted one like this. I was able to install it myself without very much trouble.” -Overall Rating, Bathtub Ascot, -Diy R 


"The claw foot tub is more beautiful than we could have imagined. We are so very satisfied with this product. We had compared many cast iron tubs and found this one to be not only beautiful but a great value." -  Overall Rating, Bathtub Ascot, -Donna T


"We love our American Bath Factory claw foot tub. We opted for the larger tub and we are so happy with the charm it brings to our master bathroom and the comfort it provides while bathing. A beautiful product that has helped us bring the look of our new master bathroom together." - Overall Rating, Bathtub Ascot, Abigail R


"I went searching for a claw-foot tub that was rustic and unique without being expensive. I absolutely love this tub! I get so many compliments on its unique design. Very deep and perfect for soaking and relaxing!!" - Overall Rating, Bathtub: Ascot, -Cagney W


Too long to bother explaining. Kudos to the store mgr on her resolution. The product does look wonderful now that it is finally installed.” - Overall Rating:, Bathtub: Chelsea, -Jacthered


The tub is great, as are most of the parts in the plumbing kit. There is an exception, however. That is the shower riser assembly. It is in two parts, with a coupler to connect them. First, the coupler was not in the kit when it arrived, though whether it should be (how could it NOT be) is a matter of opinion based upon who you ask. Even after I bought a coupler, I could not make it work successfully. Mechanically it was a nightmare. I eventually bought a 50" one piece riser for it from Barclay (through Lowe's). Easier, and no chance for a leaking join. Why they don't just include that in the kit in lieu is a matter for conjecture. BTW, it looks as though many of the plumbing parts are from Barclay to begin with.” - Overall Rating:, Bathtub Chelsea, -Anonymous


“It is a beautiful tub and comfortable, but is very lightweight and should be secured to the floor. Also, the price seems to be a bit steep for a big piece of plastic.” - Overall Rating:, Bathtub Chelsea, -DocHardgrove


This has been just what i was looking for and a great deal, special thanks for TROY at the springville store for all the help and service!!!!! it was cheaper than the plumbing supplers whole sale price with out the faucet” - Overall Rating:, Bathtub Chelsea, -hardhat


"Was a little concerned about making this kind of purchase on-line, but was happy after it came." - Overall Rating:, Bathtub Chelsea, -popaharry  


"It is light weight. Easy to install upstairs. The darker color faucet is a nice change from the old polished brass faucets. Everybody that sees our tub loves it. I think it is a good deal for the price." - Overall Rating:, Bathtub Chelsea, -CL Handeyman


“This bath was much cheaper than I could find locally even with shipping costs. It is solid, does not feel plastic and has nice smooth thick edges. Exactly what I wanted. The only drawback was it took a few weeks to arrive so plan accordingly with your reno. I am in Canada so it likely took longer than if I was in the USA. Very pleased with quality.”  -Overall Rating:, Bathtub Nobb Hill, -C Allen   


"We absolutely love our Nob Hill tub!  We bought it from Lowe's - Home Depot didn't have anything close to the same value!  We waited 8 years to remodel our bathroom and we could not be happier with the results." -Overall Rating, Bathtub: Nobb Hill,  - Debbie S


"Superior product, was a little worried buying sight unseen but the tub arrived in perfect condition and install was a breeze." -Overall Rating, Bathtub: Nobb Hill, -Dean D


"I absolutely love my new bath tub. It's perfect for soaking in. I love the fact that it's not porcelain and have to wait for it too warm up or get cold too fast. I also like the shine it gives off. So happy to have gone with American Bath Factory! Thank you!" -Overall Rating, Bathtub: Nobb Hill, -Amy L


 "Thank you for my new bath tub. I love it. It stays warm when I'm soaking in it. I don't have to wait for it to warm up like I would if it was porcelain." -Overall Rating, Bathtub: Nobb Hill, -Amy 


 "My wife really loves this tub . Everyone comes in comments how pretty and clean it is. They always ask , do you ever use it ? My wife says yes, everyday! It's so easy to keep clean, just towel wipe . Thank you for such a great product"- Overall Rating, Bathtub: Nobb Hill, -Ronnie S


"We are so pleased with our Jester Clawfoot tub. It fits perfectly in the space we had available for a bathtub and is so comfortable to bathe in. It looks fabulous in our bathroom which we designed to have a vintage look." -Overall Rating, Bathtub: Jester, -Kelly M


"We went from a dated gold/yellow bathtub that I was embarrassed for people to see, now I love showing off my new claw foot tub. Taking a bath now is relaxing with this roomy gorgeous looking American Bath Factory bathtub. Thank you for making such a great product!!!!" -Overall Rating, Bathtub: Jester,-Angela V


"Went right in to replace my old faucet; does have 3/4 NPT fittings and requires an adapter Tub fills more quickly and spray is a plus for dog washing and cleaning the tub." - Overall Rating, Faucet: Deck Mount - 90, -HollySmith12 


"This faucet is designed for a claw foot tub, however we had a homeowner select it for a regular soaking tub. It turned out really nice. It is a great quality faucet and looks beautiful. " - Overall Rating, Faucet: Deck Mount - 90, -shackleford 


"This fixture is very nice in looks and its performance is outstanding" - Overall Rating, Faucet: Deck Mount - 90, -Geoff


"Pretty easy to install if you read the directions. Beautiful faucet and fully functional. Our guests love it too." - Overall Rating, Faucet: Deck Mount - 90, -Poncho 


"A great addition to the Jester tub. The antique look compliments the entire setup." - Overall Rating, Faucet: Deck Mount - 90, -DPx2 


"This faucet was recently installed on my new Jacuzzi tub. It looks extremely attractive and is very functional. The overall look is stunning. I highly recommend this faucet. The only trouble we had was finding a copper fitting to attach the faucet to the copper pipes. We did locate some and everything else went very well." - Overall Rating, Faucet: Deck Mount - 90, -JennyinWV  


"Love my new faucet, it looks great with my Slipper Tub in my newly remodeled Master Bath!" - Overall Rating, Faucet: Floor Mount, Freestanding - 90, -Curleegirl   


"I read a lot of bad reviews on the producy about the install but I had no problem being a do it yourself person. i am an IT guy, not a plumber. The instuctions were horible but look at the photo and you can figure it out. I have had it for a year now with no issue with leaks or the finish" - Overall Rating, Faucet: Floor Mount, Freestanding - 90, -MrDOItyourself 


"We are delighted with our bath faucet. Works well, nice pressure, looks great. We felt the price was good."  - Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall mount F200, -Smartshopper


"Beautiful installed. Works perfectly. I can't speak to the ease of installation as it was installed by my contractor, but I heard no complaints in that regard." -Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall mount F200, -SEMO


"This faucet set was just what I was looking for... perfect fit for old cast iron hole spacing, high spout, great shower head, very long flexible hose, silk smooth washerless valves and perfect finish. A little water collects at a few flat locations resulting in minor white deposits but these are easily cleaned." - Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall mount F200, -howie


"We found an old tub 4-1/2 ft that was stamp dated in the early 1930. After having it restored, I discovered that the plumbing fixtures needed were very unique. After skimming the web to find the required plumbing, I also found just the look that I wanted. I was very concerned about the quality since I was not able to actually touch it prior to purchasing... and I was under a major time crunch. The boxes came in with all the pieces carefully wrapped. Even my plumber got excited. This is a work of art! The handsprayer is absolutely a must. Great for both a gentle bathing spray... or when cleaning the tub. Worth every dime!!!!" - Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall mount F200, -TubQueen 





"This looks great in our freestanding tub. The handles turn easy. The finish looks great 3 months later." - Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall mount F200, -LoriLee on 


"My product was installed by a licensed plumber. At first we got one wrong part but Vintage Tub & Bath apologized and immediately sent the correct part. My plumber was great and didn't charge for the return trip to install the correct part. I have not had any other problems with the part, it works great and I am very satisfied. I think the price was better than I could have gotten at a parts store."- Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall mount F200, - Bethie 


"I was lucky to have stumbled on to your site, I have recommended you to many friends, family and co-workers. Thanx loads!!! - Overall Rating, Faucet: Tub/Wall Mount 300 series, -Teri  


"I wanted something timeless that wouldn't look dated in 5 years. I also needed something so I could wash my dogs or water plants in the tub if I chose to. This faucet was the perfect solution. And having it mounted on the side of the tub leaved plenty of room for me to hang my feet for the end of the tub if I want. note: the tub in the photo is our original tub that I have reglazed." -sbell -Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -Teri 


"These taps were received in record time. They are truly beautiful, and will make me feel like an 18th century princess when I use them. Thanks!" -Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -Sophie3300


"I am very happy with this faucet. After much research, found this to be the biggest bang for my banks! Good quality and looks great!"  - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -PetalumaBubbles  


"The Faucets look great with my grandmother's claw foot tub! They did arrive on time and I had no complaints from my plumber about the installation. I did call to order this item and received help that was very beneficial and the customer service rep was polite and kind. Thanks so much!" -Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -Gangy 


"This faucet is very solid and works as advertised."  - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -DennyB


"We have been so pleased with the products from Vintage Tubs including our beautiful tub we ordered the year before! No hassle, no shipping problems, great condition, and good prices. Highly recommend." - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -hotmama 


"Great customer service and over the phone help! Item came packaged beautifully and the shipping was fast! I love this faucet set... it makes my clawfoot tub look over the top amazing!" - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -glamgirl  


"This a beautiful and quality product. It is very heavy and we love it. The reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is that the shower spray is very fine and not strong. It barely will rinse the tub. Everything else about this faucet is 5 star!" -  Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -youngatheart 


"Beautiful and a great price. Didn't come with installation instructions and I had to call Vintage Tub & Bath three times to get the instructions e-mailed to me from American Bath Factory. Hassle was still worth the price." - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -Anon  


"Very happy with your product, just as described, looks great" - Overall Rating, Faucet: Wall Mount 90 series, -2qaw3  


"The shelf is recessed into the wall so you can't bang into it while showering and the amount of storage space is fantastic, plus it is easy to clean. A must have in any standing shower." -Overall Rating, Accessories, -capsnapper   

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