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Mary faced a daunting task. For 21 years, she scrubbed mold and grime from the old bathtub in the guest room before her husband's mother's or their friends’ visits. Now, her own mother needed a place to recover after slipping in her own bathtub. Frustrated by the unsanitary conditions, Mary and Tom decided it was time for a change.

After thorough research, Mary discovered the Sistine Stone Shower kit by American Bath Factory. It promised beauty, durability, and easy installation. Determined to provide her mother with a safe and accessible shower, Mary enlisted her handyman brother's help.

Together, they removed the old tub and replaced it with the pristine Sistine Stone Shower kit in just two weekends. The new flooring completed the transformation. Mary marveled at the ease and cost-effectiveness of the DIY project, realizing how much time and agony it would have saved if they did it sooner. “We should have done it sooner.”







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