Buoyancy Bed

A buoyancy bed is different from all other beds because it uses lifting forces to support your body and not depression materials like spring or foam. A helium-filled balloon floats upward because the density of helium in the balloon is lighter than the heavier denser air surrounding it.  The air pushes the balloon upward to create the levitation. The Buoyancy Bed uses Sea-Gel- Crystals that are 26% heavier than the human body too levitate the body. The benefiting result is a soothing float experience. A thin elastic membrane was developed to go between the body and Sea-Gel-Crystals to maximize the floating sensation. This new development is life changing for REM sleep and health.

The Feeling of Floating in Zero Gravity

The freedom of floating has the remarkable ability to relax the body and mind. You may have seen a Float spa in your area, they are using about 1000lbs of Epson salts so their clients can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of floating. Unfortunately the spas are expensive, but they are helping thousands of people including professional athletes rest and obtain focus and peace of mind. Floating is truly a health and wellness breakthrough. Just Right Beds has made it possible to get the same freedom of floating all night long, not short one-hour sessions like in a Health Spa . There is nothing that can compare to the TRUE FLOAT experience of a Just right Bed. 

Next Generation In Beds

In all human history, no group of people has had the quantity and quality of information as ours.  Information about how well we are sleeping, with the aid of computer devices is teaching us much.  Now we understand how poor sleep will hurt our health and mental capacity. Only Just Right Beds solve the problems that cause a person to change position while sleeping, and cause them to exit REM sleep. With Just Right Beds our generation can finally get deep REM sleep for a long period of time as we float sleep comfortably.    

Soft, Soft like a baby's skin

The Sofelast Sheet is a breakthrough in bed development, it is soft, elastic, hot and cold conducting, durable and sanitary. It is designed to mold around your body creating a cocoon of support. Some owners of a Just Right Bed choose not to use any sheet or pillow on top of the Sofelast Sheet. The proprietary blend of materials in the Sofelast Sheet makes it feel like you are floating on silky water.  

No Pressure on Shoulders and Hips  

Just Right Beds prevents the aches and pains that compression or depression beds cause. High pressure areas like shoulders and hips when compressed cut off blood circulation. Without even body support the mind and muscles need to continually monitor and adjust to low- and high-pressure points.  Body turning is needed to stop “dead zones” where blood circulation is cut off. Just Right Beds allow the hips and shoulders to sink deeply into the bed, preventing high pressure points and allowing you to stay in one position all night long enabling deep REM sleep. 

Firm Lower Back and Neck Support

Low pressure areas like the lower back and neck if not supported cause uneven spinal alignment and nerve damage. When a traditional bed reaches its maximum compression  or depression usually around 2 to 3 inches, a void of empty or non -supported space is left, then the muscles will need to work overtime to support low pressure points like the lower back and neck. Just Right Beds are the solution to such old problems of depression or compression beds. The upward force of the Sea- Gel-Crystals mold around the body and fill in all areas of the body with even support. 

Prefect Temperature Control

Un-like a foam mattress, there is no trapped heat while on Just Right Beds, you control the thermostat to your personal Comfort level from 60 degrees to 110 degrees.  The Sea-Gel-Crystals will regulate and keep a balanced heat, so optimal sleep is achieved. You feel a perfect temperature because the liquid is always regulating your skin temperature to the desired controlled temperature on the comfort setting.

 Understand how Just Right Beds are so effective is important, your body regulates for changing hot and cold conditions using the hypothalamus. For example, when the body gets too hot, dilation of blood vessels is activated in the skin. This carries warm blood from the core of the body to the skin, where it hopes to lose heat by conduction, and evaporation. Unfortunately, in other beds sweat builds up between the body and mattress, this trapped sweat is unable to evaporate and cool the body.  In a Just Right Bed the heavy liquid pulls excess heat from the skin during warm seasons or adds heat to the skin during cold seasons. The ideal skin temperature is 92 degrees Fahrenheit / 32 Celsius. This may seem hot but the thin flexible membrane of the bed will pull or bring heat to the body, allowing the mind to relax from doing regulating tasks. The perfect temperature enables peaceful sleep. The two-person temperature controlled bed has independent controls allowing for individual comfort settings.

Motion or Movement Dampening

The Just Right Beds have motion or wave suppression suspended inside the Sea-Gel-Crystals. This stops movement waves from rebounding back and forth. Just Right Beds are not motionless like some memory foam beds, but because of the comfort and temperature control the overall motion in the bed will be much less than a memory foam bed. In our bed you and your partner will be able to stay in one position all night long, you will not be tossing and turning. No pressure point and no heat building up between you and the conventional foam bed that causes you to move to get comfortable.


Sanitary and Hypoallergenic 


Just Right Beds  “CAN NOT STAIN” because the Sofelast sheet is 100% non-porous. No liquids or odors can penetrate the smooth surface of the Sofelast sheet.  The Silicone the Sofelest sheet is constructed of is used in the medical industry for pacemakers, valves, artificial veins and breast implants because silicone is hypoallergenic. Kitchen utensils and household products that need to be easy cleaning are made from silicone. The new simulated leather sofas are made with silicone.  It is the perfect material for beds, why it has not been used until now is a mystery. If you have purchased a bed in the last few years, you will know how bad the bed industry has become. Most bed companies will not warranty the bed if you do not buy their special protective bed liner. The liner is designed to prevent liquids or other materials from staining the bed. This is another add barrier between you and any softness the company has tried to build into the mattress. Without this additional bed liner, the bed will absorb liquids, odors, and stain. Due to the nature of Depression / Resistant beds, in that they have and multiple layers of foam, fillers, fibers cloths and fabrics.  Spilt or expelled liquids will drain down into the layers, the liquids such as Uren and sweat then cannot be extracted from the bed. The residue will create mold and grow bacteria. All the layering makes a perfect attraction and hiding place for bed bugs, once they bore through the outside thin fabric, they are free to roam at night to feast on your flesh. Just Jight Beds have no place for bed bugs to hide or enter. The Sea-Gel-Crystals suspended in water create the most germ and bacteria free environment in the world, because of the heavy salts no germ and bacteria can reproduce or grow. The sea-Gel-Crystals will never lose the ability to stay sanitary or lose the floating capability.


Great Investment

When considering all the ways to spend your money and the benefits derived from that moneys spent, there is no investment that will give a bigger benefit for dollars spent than a Just Right Bed. A car will cost as much as $100,000.00 dollars and last only 5 years. A Buoyancy Bed could be as low as $2500.00 and last a lifetime. If benefit to Cost is charted, you will see a good bed will provide health and wellness of body and mind that will help you create more money to buy the things you want. It would be wise to invest in your future with a Just Right Buoyancy Bed. 




Overwhelmingly doctors agree the #1 problem in poor health is poor quantity and quality of sleep.

Example 1: The brain has no lymph node cleaning system, to clean the blood and waste around the brain. A person must enter deep REM sleep to cleanse the brain cavity and allow the circulation of healthy nutrients to regenerate brain tissue and maintain brain health.

Example 2: The lack of sleep can raise insulin levels in the body as much as 30 %, insulin is good at the right levels, but elevated levels of insulin is very destructive to healthy tissue in the body and brain.

Example 3:  Cell rejuvenation, such as rebuilding mussels can only happen while in a catatonic like state of REM Sleep where the body is immobilizes to make repairs. Only within a good restful sleep can your body make the repairs to optimize body performance.



Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM Sleep) or uninterrupted sleep is important and requires the body to stay in one position. Just Right Beds support your body and let it stay motionless without pain, the mind is then allowed to stop regulating muscle activity and quickly enter REM sleep.  Without even body support the mind and muscles need to continually monitor and adjust to support low pressure points and turn the body to stop dead zones where blood circulation is cut off because of high pressure points. The mind also needs to monitor the spine and nervous system to prevent harm……with no movement on a Just Right Bed the mind can rest. As mentioned previously, automatic temperature control through heavy liquids, allows the mind and body to stop regulating for temperature and enter deep REM sleep and rest. Good sleep is dependent having conditions stay constant as long as possible.


Long life and Dependability

Because the main feature of Just Right Beds is the Sea-Gel-Crystal dissolved in water, and their ability to always and forever, flow to a level state. The Just Right Bed sleeping area will NEVER sage or lose it shape, it will always give the same great support and have perfect automatic level adjusting feature regardless of who and how big, small or what shape the person. The Bed Basin or tub is built like the bathtubs we have been building for 40 years, strong and unbreakable.  A buoyancy class of bed has changed the way beds are constructed. Think of a bathtub you are floating in with soft edges and a elastic membrane between you and the water. The bed tub is a safe like American Bath Factory’s large bathtubs.


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