Subway Stone Shower

This classical 4” x 2” Subway Pattern Accent compliments with our subway wall tile pattern. A smaller Subway pattern on the floor and liner creates a unique look by integrating the same design throughout the shower. This is one of our most popular texture design.

#1 Choice for the Subway shower design is Espresso Bean accent with Brown Sugar Walls and trim. The dark accent color brings out the the smaller subway pattern when contrast with a lighter tine wall.

"The modernized Subway pattern is beautiful and having it within the liner and floor is a creative element. The darker tone really makes the accent look distinct."

 Sistine Stone Walls & ThresholdsOur Sistine Stone is constructed from quartz, granite, and  our proprietary blend of polymers to create a classic and aged look of real stone. Soft, earthy natural hues that are in tune with nature. No two tiles are alike, each are unique with subtle colors running throughout the stone, with the softest ivories to the rich shades of golden honey. It is also easy to clean, but also stain, mold and mildew resistant. 


Wall Colors

Brown Sugar

desert sand sistine stone shower wall sample colorDesert Sand

wet cement sistine stone shower wall color sampleWet Cement

portland cement sistine stone shower wall color samplePortland Cement

natural buff sistine stone color sampleNatural Buff

Accent Colors

Espresso Bean

Brown Sugar

Desert Sand



Natural Buff

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