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Wet Cement Star Mosaic 60" Alcove Shower Kits

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Our Star Mosaic is one of our newest tiles and captures a simplistic take of an 8-point star and cross pattern, to add a bit of chic style to your bathroom. The 4 mm glass tile pattern is black on a ever so slight off-white color. It can be grouted in many different colors creating a look that is uniquely yours.

Our 100% leak free shower pans are designed to be installed from stud to stud. For durability and long-life construction your cement board and our decorative walls are installed inside the 4” water tight metal shower flange. Our showers have a custom handmade look to them with walls that go all the way to the shower floor. (Seamless Water Screen package has 2 different size side walls. This is because the entry wall extends 12" past the shower pan into the bathroom)  

Size Options:

  • 60 x 30 = 60 in. W  x 30 in. D x 80 in. H
  • 60 x 32 = 60 in. W  x 32 in. D x 80 in. H
  • 60 x 34 = 60 in. W  x 34 in. D x 80 in. H
  • 60 x 36 = 60 in. W  x 36 in. D x 80 in. H
  • 60 x 42 = 60 in. W  x 42 in. D x 80 in. H
  • Find specs here: Shower Specs

Package Options:

  • Seamless Water Screen package includes a seamless zero threshold shower pan, walls, soap dish, 12" corner shelf, Glass screen panel, and decorative shower drain
  • Basic package includes the shower pan with the low-profile 3" threshold, walls, soap dish, 12" stone corner shelf and decorative shower drain
  • Grand package includes the Basic Package plus the Full Glass Enclosure
  • Premier package includes the Grand Package plus the F92H Shower Faucet
  • Luxe package includes the Grand Package plus the F600H Luxe Exposed Thermostatic Shower Faucet

Freedom Safety Upgrade:

  • Freedom Upgrade on a Basic, Grand, Premier or Luxe Package adds: a Rectangle Bench, 3 Metal Grab Bars, and two 8" corner shelves.  
  • Freedom Upgrade on the Seamless Water Screen Package adds: a Corner Bench, 3 Metal Grab Bars, and two 8" corner shelves.

Glass Options:

Our heavy duty 3/8 in. tempered glass packages are engineered for quick and easy installation. Each door system is reversible and has a frameless design. No more metal channels to rust or hold dirt and mold. Our stone wall casings and thresholds are designed to give adjustability during installation of the glass. This gives the glass a clean molded-in look for beauty and easy cleaning.

  • No Glass on the Basic shower package. Yes, you can install your own glass on our showers. This is great for those of you who would prefer specialized glass that is patterned or fogged or if you would like to use a shower curtain.
  • Water Screen comes with the Seamless Water Screen package and is a reversible fixed glass panel with minimal stone casings and thresholds to hold it in place.
  • The Hinged Glass is available on the GrandPremier and Luxe Packages and comes with a hinged door and a fixed glass panel. It also includes the decorative hardware including 2 strong silent hinges and is reversible.
  • The Sliding Glass is available on the GrandPremier, and Luxe Packages and comes with a sliding door and a fixed glass panel. It also includes the decorative hardware and 2 strong rollers that travels on an easy to clean railing system and is reversible.

Metal Finish Option:

  • Satin Nickel (SN) this has an elegance with soft brushing, makes for easy no hassle living. The brushed finish is great at hiding fingerprints and water spots.
  • Chrome (CH) This is a timeless durable finish but due to the smooth shiny surface drying off the fixtures is necessary for maximum beauty.
  • Black Pipe (BP) this finish has become very popular to create an industrial décor.

Drain Location:

Our showers come with the decorative drain in your choice of finish. The drain is 2” Gasket compression style to make installation easier. You have 4 options for your drain location.

Liner Options:

Our showers come with a 6" liner. There are 2 different mosaic tile liner choices and you also have the option of having no mosaic accents, which means you will receive a solid stone liner in the same stone color as your walls.

  • Star Accent
  • Black Gloss Accent
  • No Accent Liner

Unmatched Beauty and Quality

American Bath Factory is confident you will love your shower kit. Our 35 years of providing only the best product to our customers is why we backed it with our Lifetime Limited Warranty.  Experience is everything when designing and manufacturing products, and we also use the best materials for each product. Our knowledge of the bathroom space is why we are confident you will be happy with your choice of an American Bath Factory Shower. Sistine Stone is our own proprietary product and has key advantages like being easy to clean and daily maintenance is made easy due to its non-glossy finish. This is why homeowners love this product. Our team is proud to sell you your perfect shower and found a balance between ease of installation without sacrificing beauty. Creating a shower with an elegant custom-built look that is easy to install and won't break the budget has been our goal since day one. We were the first company to create a fully-loaded complete shower kit with the pan, walls, glass and fixtures.

Personal touches:

We want you to love your shower, so we have created a variety of accessories for you to create your perfect shower. You can select from shampoo boxes, shelves, benches, faucets, and grab bars. We also have other accent styles and offer a fully custom option.

Shipping Times & Details

Hinged Glass Alcove Shower Install Guide

Sliding Glass Alcove Shower Install Guide

Free Sistine Stone Sample Pack


Yes, this beautiful stone and mosaic shower kit is less expensive and can be installed in a weekend.

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