Shower In A Box 4 x 4 Floor

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100% Leak Free, lifetime warranty. Beautiful Sistine Stone 3 inch high threshold  with 4x4 floor in brown sugar tile and simulated grout lines (no grout needed)  FREE DRAIN With easy install compression connection. 

Have you spent the day cleaning your shower only to discover it looks the same as when you started because of stained grout lines? Porous cement base grout is what causes the frustration of unclean able lines. No Cement Grout with EverClean.


Easy to install,  Wall package comes with 2 back panels & 4 side panel

1 Ft x 2Ft   Tile pattern  (no grout needed). In Desert sand Stone color. 


  • Stone Glass Frame Casings to hole the glass and beautiful frameless style.
  • FREE heavy duty 3/8 inch thick, 71 inch high tempered glass panel and door. 
  • FREE Heavy duty Hardware, handle, hinges or wheels for sliding door.  
  • FREE Rectangle Bench in desert sand Stone Color. Large 25" L x 14" W x 16"H 
  • FREE 24" Grab Bar 
  • FREE Shampoo Shelf 24" H X 12" W
  • FREE 8" Razor Corner Shelf
  • FREE Soap Dish


Size Options:

Metal Finish:

  • Old World Bronze (BP) this finish has become very popular to create an industrial décor.

Drain Location:

Our showers come with the decorative drain in your choice of finish. The drain is 2” Gasket compression style to make installation easier. You have 4 options for your drain location.

Hinged Glass Alcove Shower Install Guide

Sliding Glass Alcove Shower Install Guide

#1 Quality Shower 

  • 100% Leak Free Galvanized Metal Shower Pan

  • Shower Kit for Easy & Quick installation, saving you time and money 

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