Shower Material Cost of material/unit Cost To Install Appearance Quality Install Time Total
ABF Shower 7 7 10 10 7 41
Fiberglass 10 10 1 1 9 31
Dream Line 6 6 5 5 4 26
Inexpensive Tile 8 5 5 5 4 27
Expensive Tile 6 3 8 8 3 28
Custom Stone 2 1 10 10 1 24

ABF Showers

ABF is ranked the best because we offer the most well rounded shower. Our showers give the same look and quality as custom tiles without the cost or installation time that comes with it. Avoid cutting tiles, hot mopping, hiring a contractor, long installation times and much more with our DIY Shower Kits. Made to order, our showers will fit perfect to the dimensions you ordered. Minimal tools and materials are needed to complete the installation.

Fiberglass showers

Fiberglass showers are the cheapest showers on the market in terms of both price and quality. The most cost effective material, an average unit will cost you less than a $1000. The material is what you pay for with being thin acrylic plastic. This hallow material comes with its flaws and isn't made to last for a long time. Most companies will only cover this with a limited warranty for about a year.

DreamLine  +Tile

Inexspensive Tile

Expensive Tile

Custom Tile

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