Mosaic Shower Kit, Alcove, Freedom, Neo, Corner, Small, Walk in, tile, wet cement, custom, shower pan, easy install, freedom shower, accessible, safetyShower Mosaics

The Mosaic shower style is the most popular style because of its elegant look with its mixture of stone and glass within the accent . Perfect for any bathroom with a theme that shows a difference in texture and color. There are several tones displayed throughout the shower and keeps a refreshing look.

#1 Choice for the Mosaic shower design is the Del Mar, which features small square glass tiles in a mixture of off white and gray tones.


Our Medici Marble is constructed from quartz and a proprietary blend of Polyvinyl. This new technology provides a more environmentally safe product, eliminating unpleasant odors and harmful gasses in the home. Other benefits are the truly real appearance of marble, Modern printing enables full color depth to create stunningly beautiful representations of popular marbles. A five-layer presses was developed to infuse unmatched characteristics, durability, easy to clean with a non-porous surface; with antibacterial benefits to stop mold and mildew.

Wall Colors. 


Accent Colors


      Newport.           Tuscany.                  Roma.                Del Mar.  


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