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10419 Thermostatic Control Shower Cartridge

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Need a new Thermostatic cartridge for your Faucet? We can help. Please make sure that you have selected the correct cartridge for your model and version of faucet. Compare your current cartridge with the picture provided above to ensure a proper match. Replacement Cartridge for Thermostatic Control Valve Model: F1-3516, F1-3616, F1-3816, F1-3540, F1-3543, F1-3640, F1-3643, F1-3840, F1-3843, F1-3530, F1-3630, F1-3830, F3-3259, F3-3258, F3-3269, F3-3268, F3-3289, F3-3288, F3-3257, F3-3256, F3-3267, F3-3266, F3-3287, F3-3286, F3-3276, F3-3277. Trouble finding your faucet model number? Try reviewing our "Technical Sheets" page under the "Customer Service" tab for assistance.

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